• 03/15/2020
  • Hot Tub Hydrotherapy

Had to cancel your vacation? – How about a staycation/healthcation?

As we have talked with others about this, we have heard countless accounts of folks who had travel planned that has instead been postponed or cancelled. When you are looking so forward to your trip that you may have planned for months, yet alone years, it can be disappointing to put everything on hold.

You’ve probably heard the term staycation? The term found its way into our vernacular over ten years ago as a means to define a vacation spent at home instead of abroad. If your travel plans have been tabled, perhaps it’s time to think about the ultimate staycation: a hot tub!

A hot tub can be a wonderful way to take those funds you had dedicated to a trip and instead invest it in something that will give back to you every single day for years to come. In my mind, it’s more than just a staycation. It’s a health-cation!

There’s been much research done on the benefits of hot tub soaking.

Elevate Your Body Temperature To Fight Viruses

One of the common symptoms of a cold or flu is a fever. Fevers are your body’s way of defending itself from viruses. Soaking in your hot tub to increase your body’s temperature and induce a slight fever can help boost your immune system and stop the cold virus in your nose from reproducing. The next time you need to cleanse your body of harmful germs and viruses, look no further than your own backyard!

When you soak, the pores of your skin open, enabling your body to flush any toxins from your system and encourage great blood flow, very much the same way exercise will. Ridding your body of toxins leaves your immune system free to tackle to “ick” we might come in contact with and better defend you from illness.

Relieve Aches And Pains

Bodily aches and pains are common symptoms of the cold and flu. Instead of immediately reaching for over-the-counter drugs, relieve your sore body the natural way – with your own hot tub. The combination of heated water and jet massage can quickly increase circulation and relieve muscle tension to reduce those feelings of soreness and fatigue.

Reduce Congestion With Steam

Why does it always feel like your head is 10 pounds heavier when you have a cold? Congestion can block your nasal passages and put tension on your whole head. If congestion is making it difficult to breathe, eat, or sleep, take a dip in your hot tub. The heated steam from the water can enter your nasal passage to help shrink swollen membranes and loosen congestion.

Another terrific benefit of regular hot tubbing is stress reduction

Enabling your body to relax and rid itself of stress and tension is another way to help boost your immune system. And, by soaking in a hot tub about an hour or so before bed, not only will it melt away the stress of the day, it will also help you get a much better night’s sleep. Studies have shown that sleep is a major factor in keeping your immune system ready to do battle for you when bacteria or a virus comes a-knocking.

If you’ve thought about getting a hot tub but it’s always been something you’ve put on the backburner, I would posit that now more than ever is the right time to invest in one. Outbreaks of viruses, colds, and flu are a part of our lives. Arming yourself with natural ways to combat those villains is more and more important to everyone’s health and well-being. You’ll not just be doing yourself a favor; you’ll be doing everyone you come in contact with on a daily basis a favor too! You’ll be healthier and reduce the likelihood you could pass anything on to anyone else you know.

And—You absolutely should not forget the fabulous staycation benefits of a hot tub! There is nothing better than retreating to your own Outdoor Living hot tub sanctuary; and it’s available every day. You’ll take in the sky, enjoy the stars, hear the wonderful peaceful sounds of nature, breathe in crisp air, and allow your mind to escape into a mindful state of bliss you’ll not be able to replicate anywhere else. Enjoy your Outdoor Living space on your own terms and be able to escape everyday stresses.

If you’re ready to invest in the ultimate staycation/health-cation, I hope you’ll visit our Outdoor Living showroom and take a test soak in our line of PDC Spas, Clearwater Spas and Dream Maker Spas.

Your staycation is waiting for you!

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