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Hot Tub Financing Available on all Hot Tub Models

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Now is the perfect time to purchase a new hot tub and apply for special financing.  Ask us about financing offers on all of our Made In The USA products:

Clearwater Spas

Energy efficient. Engineered smart. Economically sound.

All Clearwater Spas are design with E-Smart™ technology. This symbol signifies the highest energy efficiencies, the smartest engineering detail standards, global environmentally green components and e-cycling sound programs.

All of Clearwater Spas are certified to California’s Energy Commission (CEC) – the most stringent energy standards in the United States. We not only meet these standards – we exceed them.

Health Benefits

Clearwater Spas hot water hydrotherapy massage has many health and wellness benefits.

Enjoy the healing benefits of our hydrotherapy massage jets.  Relax sore and tired muscles, relieve arthritis pain and stress, and get the restful night sleep you deserve.

Marquis Spas



Marquis high-flow therapy

What is high-flow therapy?

Imagine standing waist deep in the middle of a rushing stream or river. The water will exert tremendous weight against your body, even though it is flowing at low pressure. It feels weighty because of the large volume of water flow. Marquis applies a similar principle to achieve high-flow therapy. By delivering as much water as possible at low pressure, Marquis hot tubs achieve deeper muscle penetration without causing skin discomfort. Instead of feeling like pointy fingernails digging into your skin, causing an itching or burning sensation, Marquis high-flow therapy feels like the weighty palms of a skilled masseuse.

Marquis ConstantClean+ Water Care System

What is ConstantClean+?

ConstantClean+ (plus) is Marquis’ flagship water-management system. It combines ConstantClean, the most thorough and efficient filtration system on the market, plus (+) a twofold sanitation system. ConstantClean includes SmartClean software, which automatically schedules a high-flow clean-up cycle twice per day, cleaning 100% of the water over 34 times. You can set it and practically forget it for up to four to six weeks. The system automatically schedules an extra cleanup cycle 30 minutes after each hydrotherapy session. The end result is an elegant and convenient design able to clean more water, more thoroughly, in far less time than competing hot tub brands, with a lower concentration of sanitizer chemicals in the water.

Marquis hot tubs offer MicroSilk

What is MicroSilk®?

MicroSilk is like an oxygen facial for your whole body. When massage jets are not active, a dedicated pump and Venturi system can be engaged, injecting billions of tiny microbubbles into the water. This creates a milky oxygen cloud saturated with up to 70% more dissolved oxygen than tap water. At only 50 microns, the microbubbles are smaller than skin pores and hair follicles so they penetrate deeply into the epidural layer. Oxygen is a natural cleanser and the microbubbles are negatively charged, so impurities like sebum, anaerobic pathogens and other positively-charged contaminants are removed. The result is a higher level of detoxification and hydration than non-oxygenated water. Cosmetic benefits include reduction in skin irritation, gentle exfoliation and reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Marquis is the only hot tub brand to fully optimize the functionality of MicroSilk. As a result, Marquis produces more MicroSilk-enabled hot tubs than all other hot tub brands combined.

Dream Maker Spas

Cabana Suite & Crossover Bundle – (Pick 2 of the following) –

Planter Storage Step
Hand Rail
Cover Lifter
Ambiance Lighting Package
Bluetooth Audio System
Stonehenge Bundle – (Pick 2 of the following) –
Handi Step
Hand Rail
Cover Lifter

A Balanced Life …  a Wellness Routine for YOU

A 20-minute daily soak has proven health and wellness benefits

Hydrotherapy – the use of water for medicinal benefits – is one of the easiest health and wellness solutions to practice.  Hydrotherapy helps soothe and relax the body by dilating blood vessels and increasing blood flow.

Sending this blood to the skin and muscles causes a reduction and ease in stiffness throughout the body.

Even better, a combination of hydrotherapy with high-powered jets has been shown to increase organ function and circulation. Coupling the hot water experience with our unique high power jets allows you to create an individualized wellness practice to help soothe your mind and body.


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