• 12/26/2019
  • Sauna

Are You Thinking Sauna?

couple in sauna

It’s winter! It’s cold outside! Everybody wants to be warm right now!  Saunas offer a myriad health, wellness, longevity, relaxation, and prevention benefits that can be provided the user with regular use. There’s lots to talk  about—let’s take a look:

“It’s cold & Flu season—When you do catch a cold, you also often have a high temperature or fever. That increase in your body temperature is your natural defense against the infection as the higher temperature kills the cold ‘bug’.”

“It’s freezing out there—I’ve got a great warming hut for you! – In the modern world, too few of us work up a good sweat even in high summer but in winter just staying warm can feel challenging enough.”

“Saunas make a great New Year’s gift of health for your and your family.”

“The muscles & joints tend to hurt more in the winter than in the warmer months”

“New Years health & wellness resolutions—New diet, new exercise regimen, pre & post-workout therapy”

“We tend to exercise less in the winter—let’s build that heart muscle!”

“I can help you with that stuffy nose & chest congestion—a lot!”

“No fireplace to warm-up in front of? No problem!”

“We tend to eat more poorly in the winter and sauna use can flush out toxins and other unhealthy food additives”

“Saunas will help you lay down for “a long winter’s nap” quicker and more deeply”

“Skin goes thru harsh elements in the winter with less sunlight—sauna use improves the tone, texture, & feel of it”

“Relieve the hassle, stress, pressure, and anxiety of the holidays with a sauna”

“Take a tumble on the ice? A sauna can help bruised muscles and aching joints”

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