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Hot Tub Service Order Request

We offer repair services on the majority of hot tubs. Let us know how we can assist you.

  • Was your spa purchased at Outdoor Living?*


  • Is your spa a foam filled spa?*


  • Is your spa leaking?*


  • Is your spa heating?*


  • Are all of the jets working?*


  • Is your spas GFCI breaker box outside?*


  • Can your spa be accessed when no one is home?*


  • Please explain in detail what is wrong with your hot tub *


Important Notice

Please note that service requests are a priority for customers who have purchased their hot tub from Outdoor Living. All other customers are important to us and we will service your hot tub as quickly as possible. However, be advised that if your hot tub was not purchased from us you could possibly have your service call bumped to a different time or day so we can accommodate our customers who have purchased from us.

These are circumstances when your service call may be bumped to a different time slot:

  • Inclement weather – If your spa is outside and it’s raining or snowing.
  • In fall and winter seasons (due to freezing conditions) our priority is for hot tubs that have the possibility of freezing.

If you are someone who requires an appointment, please be advised that you will have a longer lead time than most due to the fact that we rarely schedule appointments unless your hot tub and/or GFCI cut off box is inside your home. Not scheduling appointments allows us to fit in as many service calls as possible without wasting time waiting on the next appointment if we finished the previous job sooner. We are a small business with few service technicians and they are also needed to receive hot tub deliveries, and to deliver customers their hot tubs. This also allows us the freedom of fitting in customers who have emergency freezing situations.

Thank you for using the online service request form, one of our Staff will be contacting you very soon to schedule an appointment. Please a have a Credit Card ready. We will not accept a service request without a credit card number on file.

Some hot tub manufacturers have proprietary parts that can only be purchased through dealers that sell that particular hot tub. We will do our best to accommodate you in finding the parts for your spa but it is not guaranteed.