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We are excited to announce our partnership with End 2 End Swim Spa Cover Co. – and Made In The USA!!

Their new cover has revolutionized the swim spa industry by correcting the number one problem for swim spa ownership. Old-style bi-fold covers absorb water and gain weight; they break down in the elements due to rain, snow, or direct sun, allowing heat to escape through their sections and seams.

Revolutionary one-piece cover design enables one person to roll the cover off the swim spa in less than 60 seconds accessing the water for therapy & fitness.

Manufactured in the USA… Custom covers can be made up to 20 feet in length…all makes and models of swim spa or in-ground pool. E2E Cover design makes a complete seal locking in the heat… Out-performing the bi-fold cover.


Made in the USA – Hydrofend provides the ultimate defense against the weather. This specially engineered coated fabric has been thoroughly tested to strike a balance between hydros and breathability. This means it shields against moisture while still allowing airflow for fabric covers. A solution-dyed polyester base gives Hydrofend a long service life under any climate.

The coating on the back prevents abrasion and fraying, making it easily trimmed and gel-coat friendly. The face of the fabric features a matte look for functional style. For your most demanding applications, Hydrofend has high tear and break strengths. This lightweight fabric offers impressive defense against cold crack, mold, and mildew. It is heat sealable and bleach cleanable for worry-free use.

Manufacturer Testing

As the manufacturer of End2End Covers, they follow stringent guidelines in production with ongoing inspection compliance with UL labs for energy efficiency [CEC Title 20].  UL Labs [Project Number 4788881992] was completed on 3.17.2019 with a pass/compliance.

CEC Title 20: Per Section 1605.3(g)(6)(B), the normalized standby power (Pnorm), as defined in Table G-3, manufactured on or after June 1, 2019, is not greater than calculated standby power (3.75(V2/3)+40) watts, where V = the fill volume, in gallons.

Calculated Standby Power (3.75(V2/3) + 40) W: 587.68
Normalized Standby Power (Pnorm): 566.20 Watts (W)
Thermal Information:  We all have a general understanding of the insulation R-Rating System.
R-Rating is a measure of how a material resists the flow of heat through that material. There are now many superior, heat-retaining materials available to insulate these days instead of the 50-year-old hot tub style design with thick foam covers.

They have tested the E2E Swim Spa Cover against the R-19 foam cover. The E2E Swim Spa Cover outperformed the R-19 foam cover in climate control test chambers, saving customers daily energy consumption and costs.

The reasons for this, which link directly to the materials used in the designed of the End 2 End Swim Spa Covers®.

The E2E Cover’s one-piece system, locks in heat vapor which stops convective heat loss. There are no sections or seams for heat loss like on an outdated conventional hot tub style cover.

Air trapped in our multi-layered cover stops conductive heat loss.

These factors, locking in of the heat vapor and air entrapment within the cover is why we outperform the other cover systems.

The E2E Cover® provides consumers energy efficiency, one-person ease of use, and longevity.

Use & Maintenance Instructions:


The following points must be understood and followed for your E2E Cover® to function as designed.

Heat Seal

To help ensure a proper heat seal, please remember that when the End 2 End Cover is in the closed position, the cover’s end-straps must be pulled and latched down tightly for the heat seal and the domed effect to function as designed.

Reinforced End Straps

Always use the reinforced end-straps to manipulate the cover; doing so by any other means may cause damage to your End 2 End Cover.


Regular monthly maintenance is required on the E2E Cover in order to keep it looking and performing it’s best.

Roll the cover both directions continuously, will help maintain an upright center dome frame position. Watch video here: bit.ly/3KYAEOL

We recommend a quick spray-down with a garden hose every so often to remove accumulated dirt, pollen, or debris from the cover. Further, after experiencing snow, hail, or particularly heavy rain-storms, it is good practice to clear any accumulation from the cover using a soft deck brush.

Should the exterior of the E2E Cover ever require a more thorough cleaning, we suggest using a soft deck brush together with a mild dish soap to scrub the cover clean.

The vinyl underside of the cover should be wiped down regularly with an all-natural / all-purpose cleaner.

Annual or seasonal re-positioning of the E2E Cover on the swim spa. Roll the cover down to one end.  With two able bodied people, spin it 180°, bring it down to the opposite end and roll the cover to a closed position. Watch the video here: http://bit.ly/2dP4BVK

For advice on summer startup and how to open pool season. https://e2esportcover.com/seasonal-care/

Step-by-step winterizing instructions and securing the End 2 End Cover for non-use. https://e2esportcover.com/seasonal-care/

For customers who do not intend to use their swim spa during the winter season, follow manufactures instructions on how to winterize your swim spa. Additionally, secure the E2E Cover on all four sides fasten and lock all.  Lastly, place a heavy/water resistant tarp over the top of all, and secure to receive inclement weather accumulation.

As ever, be sure and follow the specific manufacturer’s handling/use instructions for any/all product(s) used in conjunction with your E2E Cover; even benign cleaners can be harmful if used improperly. E2E, LLC is not responsible for injury resulting from the [improper] use of such cleaners. Be safe, and use your best judgement when deciding how best to employ them.

Contact the customer support team with any questions. Toll free 855-583-8880 ext. 1

Safety First!