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PDC Swim Spas Are Available for Order Now!!

Thinking swimming pool? Why not a swim spa? We have them available for the spring. The good thing is, you don’t have to wait to swim! You can swim anytime!! When we arrive, the average install is 4 hours and you can enjoy it right away, and you can heat it to your desired temperature!

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PDC Swim Spas and Fitness Spas are where innovation and fitness meet for a new approach to a healthier, happier lifestyle. Take advantage of our $2500 Savings Offer and begin your path to convenient home fitness and relaxation.

a person in a swimming pool

The Natural Stress Reliever

Have you ever noticed how the body and mind are instantly calmed when starring at a lake or walking on a beach? Our bodies are comprised of more than 70% water, making it understandable that we feel more at home when surrounded by it. If spending time in a natural body of water is out of the question, swimming or engaging in aquatic exercises can be just as effective. Numerous studies have showcased the link between swimming and stress reduction, and others suggest simply being connected to water an excellent way to provide peace, calm and clarity.

Increased Endorphin Release

Endorphins such as dopamine, serotonin and norepinephrine all play a key role in how happy or unhappy a person will be. It’s been suggested that the mere act of relaxing can help trigger the production and utilization of these mood-supporting chemicals. Many people who own hot tubs and swim spas report improved sleep patterns, more energy during the day and an increased ability to handle busy routines and daily stressors.

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