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PDC Spas Hot Tub Features

Hot Tub Features

When you combine stylish Hot Tub lines that glisten and catch your eye in the showroom with the body-cradling fit that soothes your body for years of relaxation, you are experiencing the decades of experience PDC Spas® employs when designing each and every model in their line-up. PDC combines the understanding of the body’s slightly buoyant position when relaxing in warm swirling water and the body parts that most need the benefits of hydrotherapy massage. Choose from 16 unique hot tub designs and 19 swim and fitness spa models for the size, seating and jetting that best suits your personal style.

Cradling, No-Float Lounge Design

Hot Tub Features

Rest back on the soft pillow, stretch out on the lounge and let the warm swirling waters soothe away the tensions of the day. PDC Spas® offers lounges in a full spectrum of shapes and sizes to match most every body type. Unique to the industry, the PDC Spas® styled lounge offers a semi-reclining position preventing the “floating” sensation, often experienced by owners. Each and every lounge offers neck to feet jet action assuring a more relaxed you.


Spacious Seats and Room for Feet

Hot Tub Features

Looking for open seating? At PDC Spas®, we have several models that offer just that. This “barrier free” seating design is attractive to those who choose to experience the therapeutic effects offered in each position, by easily moving from seat to seat. Keep in mind ample space for feet. At PDC Spas®, we have taken the extra step to assure for each seat there is ample room for both feet.


Contoured and Reclining Seats

Seats are slightly rounded to cradle your body, while contoured seat backs offer gentle lumbar support. Several models feature armrests, some even with wrist jets relieving the effects of a long day at the office.Hot Tub Features

The PDC Recliner “Captains Chair” is featured in 4 models in the Luxury and Premium Series featuring hydrotherapy from the neck, shoulders, full back, calves, right down to the feet!

Full Body Massage Relaxes from Neck to Toes

Hot Tub Features

Power and Jets in Balance

At PDC Spas® it’s the performance that matters. If the jet pump power is not balanced with the jet count you can have too many jets and not enough pressure to deliver that effective relief you need. We match the balance in each and every PDC spa model. Whether there are a few jets in just the right positions or over 100, the performance is relaxing, healing and something you will look forward to each day. Learn more about jet count here.

How Many Pumps are Enough?

Contrary to common marketing claims, the key to a satisfying hydrotherapy experience isn’t necessarily the quantity of pumps, but rather the total horsepower. Understanding the distinction between Break HP and Continuous HP is crucial for gauging performance accurately. At PDC Spas, we believe in transparency, clearly listing both ratings on our spa specifications for easy customer reference. Dive deeper into the intricacies of pump ratings, pump count, and jet power by exploring our comprehensive guide on horsepower, explore more here.

Hydrotherapy Excellence

Relaxing in a PDC Spas hot tub is the ultimate in effective, natural relief for your entire body and mind. Thousands of air bubbles combine with warm water to caress the body parts that suffer the brunt of the day. Specifically selected Reflections hot tub jets, trimmed in brilliant stainless steel are positioned at strategic body point offering healing therapy to your shoulders, neck, back, legs and right down to your feet!

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