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  • 09/18/2022
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Fall In Love With Fall

Fall In-Love With Fall

Ahhhhh… The crisp air, crunchy leaves, football games, and let’s not forget about ciders and pumpkin flavored every thing! The Fall season brings milder, more pleasant weather as well as some of our favorite holidays. In fact, during a survey of the four seasons, Fall was elected the favorite amongst Americans with 29% preferring Autumn over any other season.

If you’re still holding onto summer with a tight grip, here are two reasons why you should fallin love with Fall;


Nothing screams Fall quite like cozy sweaters, creamy soups, and hot apple cider. Fall is often associated with comfort due to the heavier clothes, hearty foods, and extra time with family due to holidays. The weather gets cooler, and we get cozier!


According to Kathryn Lively, professor of sociology at Dartmouth College, we also associate fall with exciting change. Think of fall as a fresh, new start thanks to temporal landmarks. Temporal landmarks are moments that stand out in time, leading to excitement and motivation. Between the leaves, weather, or going back to school, there is a lot of change to look forward to during this season.

Our favorite part of Fall is the extra excuse to spend more time in your spa – It’s time to sip on some cider and snuggle up in your new Spa from Outdoor Living! Click here to get started!!

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