• 10/24/2020
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How To Winterize Your Hot Tub and Swim Spa

Your hot tub and swim spa has been designed to be used year‐round and it is certainly suggested that you enjoy the many benefits of your spa purchase in any season. However, if you should decide to not use your spa during the winter months, it must be cared for properly to avoid damage. During those months of shutdown, we recommend the unit being checked periodically to assure no water is entering the unit causing potential freezing resulting in damage. Your warranty does not cover this type of damage, both structural and operational.

  1. Lower temperature set point to lowest setting.
  2. Turn off at circuit breaker, open air controls and jets, drain completely using drain valve and sump pump if needed.
  3. Remove filter cartridges and all cabinet panels to access equipment.
  4. Loosen pump unions and winterizing plug from face of pump. Replace plugs after all water has  been cleared from the unit.
  5. Use a wet vacuum or ‘Shop Vac’ in blowing mode to remove all water from return and suction lines.
  6. Use the wet vacuum to pull all water from jets. You may choose to use a non‐toxic RV type anti‐freeze to assure freeze prevention. Be sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions and remove ALL anti-freeze prior  to next spa use.
  7. Replace all cabinet panels.
  8. Cover the unit with hot tub/swim spa thermal cover, lock in place to protect from snow, ice and wind.


Storing the Hot Tub or Swim Spa

The hot tub/swim spa shell is to never be unprotected and uninsulated during storage.

Never use a clear plastic wrap or similar material to cover it. Never leave unprotected in direct sunlight as it can damage the acrylic and fittings, not covered under warranty.

Always use the thermal cover. Do not allow, even if winterized, the unit in cold temperatures 0°F or below. If it will be exposed to these temperatures, keep the unit filled and set to the lowest operating temperature setting.

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