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We, at Outdoor Living, help to make a difference for those trapped in poverty & help them to be self-sufficient. In order to give back to the community, we are sending a portion of our gross sales each month to a local non-profit organization, Maranatha Ministries. So, please know that with your purchase, something GREAT happened! You will help provide food, shelter, and life improvement education to people who are in serious need of help.

We believe that EVERY business has the power to change lives by giving back through its everyday business activities. Doing this together with you is a simple but powerful example of putting this belief into action. We would like to thank you for your patronage, for each time you purchase products from Outdoor Living you are helping someone in need.

So again, thank you, not just for purchasing your products from Outdoor Living, but for also making a huge difference in the life of someone in need.

Mike, Kim, and Weston Waytow

Please see below for more information on this great cause:

Candleheart, Inc./Maranatha Transitional Housing/Maranatha Food Pantry/Cold Weather Shelter

195 West Louden Street, Chambersburg, PA 17201

Our Founding Purpose

The heart of Maranatha is to share the love of Christ to those who are searching for something in their lives that is more than just the need for food, budgeting, or housing. People need healing, freedom from prison or just the opportunity to share their fears and disappointments in life. Through love of one to another all the hardships of life can come together. We offer a hand up and not just a hand out.

Transitional Housing: A structured 18-24 month program where we assist homeless families (with children) with housing, by providing temporary housing and either giving them supportive services, such as obtaining their GED if they have not finished school or our food pantry or referring them to the correct age, for job placement, daycare, etc. We help them with budgeting their money, saving for the future, help provide or refer them for all other life skills to help the families to achieve self-sufficiency so they become a Part of the community and not return to being homeless again.

Candleheart This program is a life recovery program live in facility for prisoners, addicts, and homeless. The program lasts 6-12 months. We are a working program all clients must participate in ministry activities to serve others. The goal is to build through integrity and Biblical Principal’s . Self sufficiency with the heart for the Word. Becoming leaders in the community.

Food Pantry This is a vital part of our ministry we serve between 600-900 families a month. We allow the experience of shopping instead of the traditional box of food. Our Candleheart residents walk with the food pantry clients to help serve. During our latest decline in the economy we have signed up on average 15 new families a month. Our pantry serves 1st-3rd weeks of the month. We close the last week of the month for cleaning and restocking. This ministry is funded by donations only

Cold weather drop in shelter this ministry is a shelter to keep the homeless that steep outside a warm place during
the winter months. We open December lst and close April 1st every year. This entity is run by a board of churches .Every night, we open at 7 and close at 7 in the morning. The first 14 days is free; for any extra nights, 3 hours of community service is required. This year, we gave back over $100,000 in community service valued at 7.50 an hour.

  • Founder – Natalie Newcomer 717-372-5086
  • Executive Director – Craig Newcomer 717-830-3487
  • Food pantry -Rose Rowe 717-446-9219
  • Candleheart,inc- John Lloyd 717-372-4497
  • Director of Maranatha transitional housing -Yolanda Coy 717-816-5703

Our website will be under contstruction however you can view maranathaministries.net in the meantime Email any questions to traig@maranathaministries.net

Thank You For A Great Year!