• 07/25/2020
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An Outdoor Sauna Enhances (and Extends) the Backyard Experience

With the summer season in full swing, and families spending more time than ever at home, a common scene is family and friends enjoying backyard entertainment and the great outdoors. Backyard outdoor living can be greatly enhanced with an outdoor sauna—especially so when there is a pool or cold-water plunge nearby. Below are the top three reasons why you should consider adding an outdoor sauna to your backyard:

  1. Sauna and Swim is the ultimate backyard experience; swim season is extended. – Enjoying the deep, gentle heat of the sauna followed by a cold-water plunge, also known as “sauna and swim”, is a therapeutic and enjoyable experience for all ages. When you have a sauna located near a pool, lake, or river, swimming can be enjoyed all 4 seasons. Having an outdoor sauna extends your swimming season and gives you an early start to the next swim season. When the water is cooler in non-summer months, sauna bathing prior to a swim will make the water feel more enjoyable and provide a true hot/cold therapy session. Having an outdoor sauna will greatly enhance your pool/lake/river experience!
  2. Great addition to a backyard space for year-round enjoyment. – Those who are installing pools in their backyards are often making a huge investment in the pool & surrounding landscaping and hardscaping. An outdoor sauna provides an extremely pleasurable way to enjoy this investment for all 4 seasons. It is perfect for outdoor entertaining!
  3. An outdoor sauna can be customized to your liking.  Finnleo offers several outdoor sauna models to suit your needs. If you wish for a spacious changing room, their Metro sauna can double as a pool-house. Go a step further to add a shower and/or toilet into the changing room, and you will avoid pool-users tracking wet feet into the house. Their Euro Patio and Summit saunas offer greater flexibility on where it can be installed (under a deck or on a deck/patio).

    With an outdoor sauna, you can choose a woodburning heater or an electric heater. Some prefer the “simple way of life” and enjoy the ritual of tending the fire with a woodburning heater: cutting wood, stoking the heater and listening to the crackling wood-fueled fire. Our woodburning heaters have been reinterpreted for modern living of today. For more ease, choose from one of many of our electric heaters. Include the SaunaLogic2 control and you won’t even need to go outside to turn the sauna on!

In summary, an outdoor sauna is the ultimate home addition as it provides an ongoing invitation to enjoy the great outdoors. Learn more about our three outdoor sauna models here…


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