• 12/03/2023
  • Hot Tub Maintenance

Making a Spa Maintenance Schedule


Hot tubs are designed to be easy to maintain. By setting up a simple schedule for your spa’s maintenance, you will be able to ensure that your spa is sanitized and running properly. We’ve outlined an example spa maintenance schedule below, but yours could vary depending on the amount you use your spa.


Check your spa and cover for damage: Make a habit of giving your spa a quick check each day. This can fit into your routine: go around back after work before you walk into your house, or check on your spa in the morning after you’ve finished getting ready. Make sure there are no limbs or heavy debris on the cover, that your cover is sealed and latched, and that there is not water puddled or snow or ice accumulated on the cover.

Check your water temperature: Your spa is designed to stay at a consistent water temperature. If you notice that the temperature is more than a few degrees off from the temperature you set, it could be a sign of a heater issue.

If possible, run filtration system 3 hours every day: This will help distribute chemicals evenly through the spa to keep the water clear and clean.


Check sanitizer and pH levels: Sanitizers are used to disinfect and keep water smelling fresh. The two most popular ones are chlorine and bromine. You can test these by using a test kit or test strips. pH measures how acidic or basic your water is. If pH is not kept in check, you run the risk of damaging your heating elements and pump. Your Dream Maker Spas certified dealer can help you with any questions you have about your spa sanitizers and pH levels.

Clean above the water line: Any buildup or debris above on your spa shell can affect your water’s balance if they come in contact with it. Wipe down the inside of your spa above the waterline with a damp cloth.


Clean your filter: Remove the filter and check for debris. Then clean it thoroughly using a garden hose. A filter flosser directs water between the pleats of the filter to get all parts of the filter clean. If you keep an extra filter on hand, you can use the spare in the spa so that you don’t have to turn it off while cleaning your filter.


Wipe down cover and spa shell: The cover and the shell of your hot tub from are designed to be easy to maintain. You can wipe down the shell, spa cabinets, and cover with a soap and water mixture and a soft cloth.


Drain and refill your tub: When following a spa maintenance schedule, you can plan on needing to drain your tub, thoroughly clean it, and refill it about every three months. (This timeline will vary depending on how often the spa is used). Draining and filling your tub will help clear the plumbing lines and rid it of buildup. Fresh water gives you the opportunity to start from scratch sanitizing and balancing your water.


Replace spa filter: You’ll clean your spa filter every two weeks, but you will need to completely replace your spa filter annually.

Following a simple schedule like the one described above can ensure that you never forget an important spa maintenance steps. It’ll help keep your water fresh and ready for whenever you want to use your spa and keep your spa’s shell and cover beautiful for years to come.

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