• 08/14/2023
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18 Ways to Relax in Your Spa

Taking time to unwind and relax in your hot tub. Spas can help ease away the stress of the day.

Here are some of our favorite ways to relax in the spa:

1) Read a book

It’s easy to escape within the pages of a good book. Forget about your troubles as you read along the pages of a story by one of your favorite authors.

2) Listen to music

Put on some headphones and tune out the world around you. Sit back and relax as you drift away listening to your favorite melodies.

3) Yoga

The warm water of your hot tub will relax your muscles, allowing you to get deeper into stretches to improve blood flow.

4) Stargaze

Lean into the massage jets of your hot tub and enjoy the cooler temperatures of the evening. Gaze into the nighttime sky and search for constellations or even a shooting star as worries fade into the back of your mind.

5) Meditate

Just a few minutes of meditation per day can help ease stress to leave you feeling relaxed. Sit up straight in your spa and take some slow deep breaths, allowing your tension to slowly slip away.

6) Check Social Media

You can use social media for therapeutic purposes. If you’re having a rough day, reach out and chat with some friends online using your phone or tablet.

7) Learn something new

Check out some how-to videos on YouTube to learn something new. Watching some short clips can help distract your mind and can even inspire your next DIY project.

8) Daydream

Perhaps you imagine yourself on an island beach, or surrounded by a lush evergreen forest on top of a mountain; wherever it may be, let your mind drift away as you go to your happy place.

9) Practice breathing exercises

Deep breaths, in through the nose and out through the mouth, can be a calming way to lower your stress, lower blood pressure, and bring your mind and body to ease.

10) Drink some herbal tea

Chamomile and lavender tea are known for their relaxation and calming qualities. Try out either of these teas to help ease your mind during times of stress.

11) Light scented candles

The amber glow and soothing scent of candles can provide a peaceful ambiance for your spa experience. Just be sure to keep the candles a safe distance away from the spa.

12) Indulge in a light snack

Stress depletes the body of healthy vitamins and minerals. Replenish your body with some antioxidant fighting fruits and veggies after your soak. If you’re feeling extra creative, try whipping up a healthy fruit smoothie.

13) Eat some chocolate

Did you know that dark chocolate is a natural antioxidant? Studies have shown that daily consumption of dark chocolate helps promote positive brain chemistry and replenishes the body of magnesium – an important vitamin that helps you stay calm and relax during times of stress.

14) Laugh

A good laugh can help release built up stress and boost endorphins. Play one of your favorite comedies on your phone or tablet to put a smile on your face.

15) Read motivational quotes

Surround yourself with positive affirmations to boost your confidence and regain mental clarity.

16) Grab a stress ball

Ease tension while you soak with a stress ball. Squeezing a stress ball can help release some energy while inducing you to relax.

17) Listen to nature sounds

Let the calming sounds of rushing water or raindrops in a forest provide an escape from the noise of everyday life.

18) Turn off electronics

There’s a lot of technology built to help us relax, but if you’re still feeling stressed, try going “off the grid” for a little while and reducing the technological noise of our busy world.

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