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  • 11/20/2022
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Give Thanks

Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving is more than just a holiday – For many, it is a time filled with gratitude, memories, and family traditions that have been passed down for generations. As the copious amounts of turkey and pie settle in your stomach, why not bring the family outside and start a tradition of your own?

This Thanksgiving encourage your family members to bring a bathing suit and head to your outdoor oasis. While relaxing in the hot tub, have each family member name one thing that they are truly grateful for this year. Instead of naming a tangible item you may be thankful for, why not give praise or special recognition to a family member? Gratitude and good feeling will quickly fill the air.

Family time is hard to find so it is important to cherish these moments with your loved ones. If your holiday dinner took a toll on you, maybe sneak back out after the extended family leaves to take some time to unwind. You sure will be thankful for your Dream Maker Spa!

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