• 12/27/2021
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Hot Tub Party – Signature Cocktails

Nothing says party like a Hot Tub New Year’s Party.  Bring in the new year with a dip into the warmth of your hot tub.  Invite a few friends and set out snacks, play some music and games or just relax with your significant other.  Here are a few tips and cocktail ideas to have a successful hot tub party.

If it’s an intimate group of people at your hot tub party, you can plan to actually be in the tub when the clock strikes twelve. Clean and maintain your spa before and during the party. Have extra swimsuits and towels.  Have 2022 New Year’s Eve noise makers and hats available. Safety is a must at any hot tub party. Make sure to communicate some basic safety rules to guests before the festivities begin (you can include this information on your invitation). If there will be small children at your hot tub party reduce the water temperature, make sure they always have proper adult supervision. Explain to them some basic hot tub rules – shower before and after entering and exiting the hot tub with soap and water, enter and exit the hot tub slowly, no jumping or diving, do not bring glass into the hot tub.

When the spa use starts, remind your guests of the Buddy System (no single users allowed), and limiting soaks to no more than 30 minutes.

Have some cool music near the spa, that is loud enough to be heard over the jets. Make sure to not use any plugged in devices sitting too close to the spa. Plugged in devices should never be set on the edge of the spa, for obvious reasons, but put it close enough to be lively.

Don’t forget to have Auld Lang Syne ready to play at midnight!

For your inside party, platters of pigs in a blanket, 7-layer dip, or whatever snacky type food. A spiral sliced ham with potato rolls, cheeses and mustards is an easy display – bowls of nuts and small candies. A few desserts like cookies, brownies, cakes and pies are great for those with a sweet tooth.

But for the spa area, usually the outside party – do yourself a favour and prohibit food. Fruit may be OK – strawberries, grapes or apples perhaps, but keep all other kind of food away from the spa or you’ll more than likely have to clean out your spa filter.


If you want to impress your guests this holiday season, we recommend creating a signature cocktail! This easy formula will help you decide what to make and how to serve your cocktails so that you can worry about other things on your list. We recommend using a 2:1:1 ratio when making your cocktails, two parts alcohol, one part sweet, and one part sour. For mocktails, simply leave out the alcohol.


The most important part of your cocktail is the spirit. When choosing a spirit, you want to find something everyone will enjoy. Do some asking around to see if your guests prefer dark spirits like bourbon or lighter spirits like vodka or gin.


A delightfully simple cocktail recipe, few drinks are as perfect for a New Year’s Eve party as the “Happy New Year.” That really is the name of this cocktail and it’s a vibrant drink with great appeal. The sparkling mix includes brandy, ruby port, and orange juice, creating a fabulous base that will dress up your favorite Champagne.

What drinker doesn’t love a boozy cocktail that can double as dessert? Always elegant, the chocolate martini is a snap to make with just vodka and crème de cacao, and will satisfy your sweet tooth on evenings when you’d like a cocktail. Dress it up for a New Year’s party by rimming the glass with cocoa powder, and garnishing with your choice of chocolate candy.

Soft, delightful, and sparkling, the figgy sparkler puts a seasonal twist on the average Champagne cocktail. The charming blend of fresh fruits muddles cranberries, orange slices, and a single fig. Pour your favorite vodka or infuse it with figs for even more flavor. Top that mix off with some bubbly, and it’s ready for the party.

With a rich, creamy flavor that combines the best of holiday eggnog and hot buttered rum, the Tom and Jerry cocktail can be batched in large quantities to serve a New Year’s party crowd. Sweet, frothy, warm, and creamy, it’s a fabulous way to have a warm cocktail at the ready during the holiday season. Our recipe begins with mixing up the spiced batter, which can then be refrigerated or frozen until it’s party time.

Strawberries are the featured fruit of this very easy and delicious Champagne punch. The recipe is perfect any time of year and it can quickly become a new favorite. No matter what type of party you’re hosting, your guests will enjoy its fruity flavor and refreshing sparkle.





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