• 10/10/2021
  • Hot Tub Research

Avoid the “Take Your Money and Run” Hot Tub Road Shows & On-Line Scams

Hot Tub Warning! Although the COVID-19 pandemic may have limited the amount of hot tub and swim spa road shows, they are still out there.  And with it comes the dodgy, high pressure, professional sales people trained to take your hard earned money and run.  Also, if you are going to purchase your hot tub or swim spa on-line or from a “big box” retailer – Read On!!

Promising customers “factory direct” prices, many of these dog and pony shows markup spas to unreasonably high prices, then “slash” cost to create a deceiving sale price, often higher than you could have purchased locally any given day.

Many of these traveling road shows will claim to offer “hundreds of brands”, or “many manufacturers” all in one place. Unfortunately, these events are often dishonest as many of the spas offered are from the same manufacturer, but promoted through a different brand/company name. Worse, some shows display only a few hot tub or swim spas units, and the remainder of the products available are a variety of mismatch parts, accessories and covers to fulfill their deceptive claim.

Here today, and gone tomorrow…these shows employ 100% commission paid sales people trained to focus your attention on the bells and whistles, rather than the quality of the product, warranty or manufacturer.  This “buy now or lose the deal forever” tactic prompts these sales people to frequently make promises they do NOT intend to keep, knowing that when your spa arrives, they will be miles away with your money.

With NO local store, NO local service or support, NO connection to your community, and NO accountability, you could be left with an overpriced spa, in a bad situation with no one to help.  Buy supporting #buylocal and #madeintheusa, you are supporting local businesses in the community you live and work in.  And, in turn, improving the overall quality of life.  Ask yourself, will saving a few dollars help me down the road?  Absolutely not.  Who will be there to help you after the sale?

You Deserve Better! We offer AMERICAN MADE spas backed by a trusted warranty and years of local experience, service and support helping people just like YOU, every day.

We feature Made in the USA hot tubs, spas and swim spas.  Visit Dream Maker Spas and PDC Spas to see more.  Many thanks!!

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