• 06/13/2021
  • Hot Tub Research

What is the Best Temperature to Set Your Hot Tub?

If you’re new to the world of hot tub ownership, it’s safe to assume that you will have plenty of questions on how to best use and enjoy it.  One of the most frequently asked questions that we get here at Outdoor Living is centered around proper temperature settings.  You want to have it warm enough to provide an effective and relaxing experience.  At the same time, you certainly don’t want to cook yourself.

So what temperature should hot tubs be set at in order to promote the most enjoyable and therapeutic experience?  Let’s review the basics on hot tub water temperature settings….

Setting Hot Tub Water Temperature in the Summer

Hot Tub TemperatureDepending on which part of the country you call home, the high heat of summer will have a direct effect on your spa’s water temperature.  As a rule of thumb, many users keep their hot tub set at temperatures ranging between 97-99 degrees.  This, of course is a personal preference, but one that will allow you to safely reap the many hydrotherapeutic benefits without making your time in the water uncomfortable.

Winter Hot Tub Water Temperature Settings

When the mercury drops during the winter months, setting your water temperature a bit higher can help compensate for the cold chill in the air.  That said, the ideal winter spa settings for many users is in the range of 100-103 degrees.  You can go slightly higher or lower based on your preferences, but be sure to not overdo it on the high end.  Extended periods of time in water that’s too hot could leave you feeling weak and tired, as opposed to refreshed and invigorated.

Out Temperature Features-PDC Spas Max

Of the many safety and comfort features included in the full line of PDC Spas luxury hot tubs, one of the most popular, is a max-out water temperature control feature.  This automatically detects when water temperature is reaching levels that might be too high for safety, while preventing it from soaring when users are in deeply relaxed states.  It’s just one of many ways in which PDC Spas are working to create the most safe and enjoyable hot tub experience for you and your family.

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