• 04/04/2021
  • Hot Tub Maintenance

Getting Your Hot Tub Ready For Springtime

While winter may be the preferred season for enjoying all the benefits of relaxing in warm water, some customers choose the warmer months to enjoy their hot tub. Whichever type of hot tub owner you are, springtime is the perfect time of year to refresh or restart your spa.  Follow the basic guidelines here, and get on with the relaxation you deserve.

Remember to first turn the power off to the hot tub through the breaker that supplies power to it.

  1. Drain the hot tub – remove the old water from the hot tub, this can be done through a drain on the hot tub, or by siphoning through a garden hose.
  2. Clean the hot tub – once the hot tub water has been drained clean the inside of the hot tub with a non-abrasive non-foaming cleaner such as 409, Windex, or a vinegar solution.
  3. Remove, clean, and replace the filter – remove the old filter from the filter housing. Clean the inside of the filter housing with a non-abrasive cleaner. Insert a new filter cartridge.
  4. Fill and set – fill your hot tub with clean water, turn power to the hot tub back on and set the desired water temperature and filtration cycles.
  5. Chemicals – Follow manufacturer’s suggested routine on your chosen chemical treatment for start-up.
  6. Hot tub cover – check your hot tub cover to ensure that it is in proper condition and locking.  Clean and condition the hot tub cover.
  7. Cabinet panels – Wipe down the synthetic cabinet sidewalls with a non-abrasive cleaner.

You are now ready to start the spring season with a pristine hot tub, happy soaking

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