• 02/12/2021
  • Hot Tub News

Holiday Hot Tub Bandit

As years go, 2020 was certainly one to bring out the ba-humbug in all of us — but the Grinch’s notorious disdain for holiday cheer appears to have reached a new low, even for hot tubs.

Forget his usual present-pilfering, tree-topper-toppling shenanigans. This year, the greedy green guy opted for a heist involving 10, 1,000-lb spas that awaited Christmas shipment to eager customers in Edinburgh.

In the early hours of the morning, the spas were stolen using two flatbed trucks and a small crane. But that wasn’t enough to get the job done: A forklift was also stolen from a nearby property to aid in the operation.

One has to wonder what sleigh make and model Mr. Grinch used to haul out that loot.

Retailing at just under £5,000, each six-person spa was equipped with LED lighting and a Bluetooth music system. Somewhere, in the frosty throes of a remote mountaintop, one savvy swindler is enjoying a pretty sweet soak.

“The sale of spas has been on the rise through the lockdown, as they bring so much joy and so many benefits to people when they are stuck at home,” says Kevin Higginson, boss of the unlucky spa store. “It’s the customers I really feel sorry for.”

A small, small heart indeed.

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