• 06/07/2019
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Some thoughts to have BEFORE buying a Hot tub – Part 4

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Let’s talk about somethings that most people don’t even realize they should think about when they start shopping for hot tubs.  There are many things that you should be thinking about, so we’re going to take this step-by-step (One blog at a time).

If you feel as if you need to visit these types of venues, let me give you some advice.  Large pop up tent sales (usually have A LOT of TV commercials) are often the product of a spa manufacturer (possibly liquidating inventory to go out of business) they give themselves a Generic name like “Spa Blow Out” they create a pop-up website and BOOM they look official.  They are almost always not from your area and blow in and out of town quickly wanting you to make the deal quickly with some high-pressure sales tactics.  If you are being pressured like that, you should walk away.  They will leave you stranded as well.

The exception to the pop-up tent sales is when a local dealer (a brick and mortar business in your town) has a tent sale.  They are just having a sale that they want you to notice.  Make absolutely sure who you are buying from.

Farm shows are GREAT, if indeed you are looking at cows, pigs, sheep, tractors and eating some damn good food!  AGAIN, you have to be aware of who you’re buying from.  Ask yourself the same questions as above and then a couple more for good measure.  Where is their retail/service store located?  How much will it cost me to have them travel from (wherever they’re from) to service my hot tub?  Are they pressuring you to make the sale today?  A hot tub purchase should never be one you regret.  I can’t stress enough, do your research on a hot tub before you purchase it.  Ask to speak with other customers of theirs and actually speak to them.  I know it will seem awkward, but they will likely tell you their experience truthfully.  Word of mouth is often the best reference, check them out on Google, Facebook and other social media venues.  All the information about them should be available online but be sure to read customer ratings completely to see if the ratings are false.  If a consumer gives a one-star rating with no explanation, discount it immediately.  If they were truly unhappy, they would explain why.

As for the Arena Tub events, don’t waste your time.  If you are uninformed going into the building, you will be completely overwhelmed by the “information” you will receive.  Everyone in that building has a “better hot tub” than the next guy…

Take my advice, the local “Mom and Pop” shops need and want your business, they will treat you with respect (if they don’t then they don’t deserve your business), they will “have your back” when you need something, and let’s not forget the fact that when you spend your money locally, you support your community and the taxes that the local business pays supports your home town with better infrastructure, roads, bridges, and improvements throughout your community.

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