• 03/12/2019
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Some thoughts to have BEFORE buying a Hot tub – Part 1

Outdoor Living, LLCLet’s talk about some things that most people don’t even realize they should be thinking about when they start shopping for hot tubs. There are many things that you should be thinking about, so we’re going to take this step-by-step (One blog at a time).

Part 1: Where in the world is this hot tub made!?
One of the things that rings in our mind is; where is my hot tub manufactured? Don’t confuse the term manufactured with where corporate headquarters are located. In Major hot tub companies, they are usually two different locations. While many manufactueres’ headquarters are located in the USA, the tubs are being built outside the USA, for example, Mexico. We decided to make it our mission to see just where some of the major brands actually have their hot tubs built. We weren’t shocked to find that Hot Springs, Hot Spot, Free Flow, Caldera, Jacuzzi, Sundance, and ThermoSpa are all products of Mexico. Don’t get me wrong, we love Mexico…to vacation, but our heart always leads us home (so to speak). Therefore, we would like to see that the products that we buy are made in the country that we would like to see thrive, USA!

The hot tubs that we sell are (with no doubt) made in the USA and we are proud to sell the PDC Spas, PDC Swim Spas and Dream Maker Spas brands. If you are considering other brands, and made in the USA is important to you, we encourage you to find out where other manufacturers’ tubs are built. Searching the World Wide Web is the best place to start, however, you will find that most hot tub companies that have their hot tubs built in other countries DO NOT advertise that they do so. We had to make several phone calls to corporate offices to find out where their hot tubs are made.

If Made In The USA is important to you, you should see us first!!

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