• 09/04/2018
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Hot Tub Fun Facts

Here are some great fun facts about our favorite relaxation tool, the hot tub:

Outdoor Living, LLC
1. Studies have shown that 15 minutes in a hot tub per day, for 6 days straight can result in an 11% drop in the stress hormone cortisone.
2. Over 43,000 champagne bottles are opened in hot tubs per year.
3. At any given time, over 17,000 people are currently sitting in a hot tub.
4. It is estimated that there are nearly 26 million functioning hot tubs worldwide.
5. Hot tubs are not a new concept. In fact, hot tubs were brought up to desired temperatures using hot stones many centuries ago. However, during the dark ages, many religious leaders were strongly against frequent bathing, and the hot tub temporarily lost some of its popularity. Luckily, the taboo status of hot tubs did not stand the test of time, and we can enjoy them guilt free today.
6. Studies have shown that frequently soaking in a good quality hot tub can help with weight loss.
7. The Guinness Book of world records awarded the title of most international hot tub in 2012. There were 22 different countries, represented by 22 different people in one hot tub.

Hot tubs are a lot of fun, popular around the world, and have a long and interesting history.

These great tools have provided a great deal of fun for many generations. We hope you enjoyed getting to know a bit more about them.

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