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Outdoor Sauna Rooms

Northstar Outdoor Series Sauna Rooms




The Finnleo NorthStar Outdoor Sauna’s simple panel construction makes it easy to assemble in a few hours anywhere you have space—on a patio or under a deck, poolside, or adjacent to a backyard cold plunge or hot tub.

The perfect complement to backyard living, the NorthStar Outdoor Sauna is easier than ever to use with your smartphone as a second control. No need to go outside to turn the heater on.



NorthStar Outdoor Saunas include the following:

  • Nordic White Spruce (NWS) interior and exterior
  • Exterior surface must be painted or stained
  • Benches, backrests, and all surfaces that touch the bather: Clear Aspen or Abachi
  • Integral Backrest LED li
  • ghting (with RGBW color light therapy)
  • Heater & control:
  • Integral floor with waterproof vinyl surface
  • Metal roofing standard
  • All-glass door, bronze tinted glass
  • Sidelite window, bronze tinted, insulated glass

Optional on NorthStar Outdoor Saunas:

  • Soundbar Sound System



Psychological and Therapeutic Effects of Color

All NorthStar Series Saunas include color therapy lighting systems—discreetly integrated into the backrests. In addition to white light, the LED lighting system can create six different colors (Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Turquoise and Violet); choose the color according to the mood desired.

Summit Sauna

Finnleo® Summit sauna provides a high quality, attractive sauna built to withstand the elements at a very affordable price and a design that looks perfect in any backyard space. With a heat treated Canadian Hemlock exterior, natural Canadian Hemlock interior and all-weather metal roof.

Includes the Following Standard Features:

  • Available in two sizes: 4’x6’ and 5’x7’.
  • Heat-treated Hemlock exterior (ready for exterior wood protection by homeowner)
  • Canadian Hemlock interior.
  • Constructed on cedar runners for durability.
  • Prebuilt, prefitted wall and ceiling panels all completely blind nailed.
  • Built-in floor with attractive water-resistant vinyl flooring.
  • Cathedral ceiling with exposed center/ridge beam.
  • Designer heater with Pure 2.0 digital control (control is mounted inside the sauna).
  • Bucket, ladle, and thermometer.
  • Low voltage backrest lighting.
  • Roof kit in two easy-to-install panels, including all-weather metal roofing.

Metro Sauna

Metro brings modern sauna comfort and luxury to your backyard. Perfect for outdoor entertaining, Metro is at its best near the patio, pool or lake — if pool or lake side, you and your guests will be able to enjoy the ultimate experience of “sauna with a cool water plunge.” Beautiful, durable, welcoming: Metro is an ongoing invitation to enjoy your great outdoors.

The Ultimate Home Addition

Is there a better way to spend quality time at home than with family and friends in the backyard? Finnleo Metro saunas fit right in with outdoor entertaining: always inviting and always rewarding.

Metro is an excellent option for pool owners. Three of the four Metro models include spacious changing rooms, which means they can easily double as a pool-house. And the swimming season can be extended, maybe even year-round, as you’ll be able to enjoy the deep, gentle heat of the sauna before taking a refreshing plunge. Go a step further to add a shower and/or a toilet into the changing room, and you’ll avoid pool-users tracking wet feet into the house.

Metro offers the comfort and luxury of the pure sauna experience, yet is surprisingly easy to assemble. The walls and roof are constructed of 4-1/4” insulated panels. finished on both sides. The interior features quality tongue-and-groove Nordic White Spruce — in both the sauna and changing room.

Metro Series Saunas Include:

  • Four sizes/models with all-glass interior door
  • Insulated 4-1/4” panels for walls, ceiling and roof
  • Nordic Spruce T&G on interior
  • Cedar exterior
  • Changing room standard on MS 710, 811 and 812
  • Prehung exterior door with window and grid (optional)
  • Sauna interior includes Abachi pre-built benches, backrests, headrests, heater guard, floor boards
  • Sauna heater, rocks and separate control panel
  • Bucket, ladle, one or two wall lights, thermometer
  • Changing room interior includes pre-built bench, backrest and 4-peg clothes hanger
  • Windows with insulated, tempered glass and grids (optional)

Options Available:

  • Metal roofing, dark brown
  • Crank-out screened windows

Patio Sauna

Stepping out of the sauna heat into the contrast of cool, fresh air is a special feeling. Finnleo Patio is a compact, free standing sauna that makes it easy to enjoy within minutes of delivery. Thanks to its size, portability and ease of installation, you can always find room for a Patio sauna — and what a perfect add-on for a pool or hot tub.

Patio Saunas Include the Following Standard Features:

    • Nordic White Spruce walls and ceiling interior, Abachi backrests, headrests, heater guard and duckboard
    • Clear Western Red Cedar exterior
    • Prebuilt, prefitted wall and ceiling panels all completely blind nailed
    • Built-in floor with attractive water resistant vinyl flooring
    • Constructed on cedar runners
    • Cathedral ceiling with exposed wood beam
    • Designer Heater with Trend digital control
    • Bucket, ladle, and thermometer
    • Low voltage backrest lighting
    • Roof kit in easy-to-install panels
    • Metal roof (Optional – additional charge applies)
    • Heater Upgrade: Pikkutonttu

Euro Sauna

An attractive variation of the popular Patio sauna, the Euro Outdoor sauna gives greater flexibility on where it can be installed, and a more contemporary European style design.

The Euro Outdoor sauna includes:
• The same features as the standard Patio (see list below).
• Roof is single sloped.
• Interior can be sauna only or include a changing room on largest size models.
• Install under a deck, on a deck, or on other level patio-type surfaces.
• Having a backyard sauna has never been easier!

Euro Outdoor saunas include the following standard features:

• Nordic White Spruce walls and ceiling interior, Abachi backrests, headrests, heater guard and duckboard; optional Western Red Cedar or Canadian Hemlock interior
• Clear Western Red Cedar exterior
• Pre-built, pre-fitted wall and ceiling panels all completely blind nailed
• Built-in floor with attractive water-resistant vinyl flooring
• Constructed on cedar runners
• Single-slope ceiling
• Designer Heater with SaunaLogic2 Control and mobile app
• Bucket and ladle
• Low voltage LED in-backrest lighting
• Roof in easy-to-install panels

Options Available:
• Heater Upgrade: Himalaya Rock Tower Heater with SaunaLogic2 Control and mobile app
• SL2 Bluetooth Soundbar
• Weather-resistant metal roof kit

Professional athlete, Gwen Jorgensen, recently added a Finnleo Euro Patio outdoor sauna

Professional athlete, Gwen Jorgensen, recently added a Finnleo Euro Patio outdoor sauna to her family’s backyard. Watch Gwen’s latest YouTube video to learn about her daily sauna routine & its health benefits:

“I’ve been heat training for years, but when Covid hit and the gyms closed I was left without a sauna. Thanks to Finnleo, I now have a Euro Patio Sauna with a Himalaya heater. I never knew how much I needed a sauna at home until I got one! It’s one of my favorite ways to train, but more importantly my favorite way to relax and spend QT with the family,” stated Gwen Jorgensen.