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Imagine yourself soaking in the warm soothing water of you own hot tub, just soaking all of your cares and stress of the day away.  There is no better feeling then after a hard day's work or a good work out than to step into your own hot tub.  Relaxation is just a couple of steps away.  Are you tired, have aching muscles, arthritis?  A hot tub is what you need to soak those aches away.  Don't let another day go by without stopping in to see all of the hot tubs we have on display.  Our Chambersburg Hot Tub Headquarters always has 12 to 14 spas on the showroom floor including water filled so you can try before you buy.

We have our salt water spa on display with water so you can feel the difference.  Salt water spas are becoming more and more popular because of the low maintenance.