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Chemical News and Information

Don't let the phosphates bring you down.  Stop them in their tracks.

See Outdoor Living for your phosphate removal products.

Don't Miss This!

Just bought a used spa and don't know what to do next?

Once you have the electric hook-up complete, you will need to fill your spa will clean water, and heat your spa to the hottest temperature allowed (usually 104 degrees).  I know you will be tempted to get into the tub, but I wouldn't if I were you.  There's a lot of bacteria and germs in your tub just waiting for you. Here's why, hot tubs have plumbing running all through the cabinet below and that plumbing is holding skin follicles, oils, and hair from every person that has been in that spa.  It's a good idea to clean out the plumbing with Leisure Time Jet Clean. Be sure to follow the instructions, drain the tub, and refill the tub for your use.  Then simply follow the instructions below on sanitation and maintenance.