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Troubleshooting for ISIS Genesis Device

Troubleshooting Guide

Low Or No Bromine Reading:

Do you have the appropriate amount of Tru-Blu in the water? Using the GENESIS Sodium Bromide Test Strips, make sure your Tru-Blu reading is between 1500 – 1900 ppm. If the salt reading is greater than 2,100 adjust by a partial drain of the spa (drain 4 to 8 inches and then refilling the water back up to the spa’s water line should be adequate in most circumstances).

Is the spa set for sufficient circulation time? Two Speed Systems: Ensure the spa is circulating on low speed at a minimum of 8 hours per day. Above average bather load or adverse water conditions will require increased circulation time.

Is your spa’s water chemistry in balance? Do you have green or cloudy water? Ensure that your water chemistry is correct. The pH needs to be between 7.2 – 7.8. The Alkalinity needs to be 80 – 120. Calcium Hardness needs to be 150 – 400 ppm. Check with your spa dealer for corrective measures.

Are you shocking your tub? Oxidizing or “shocking” could be required weekly, and in some cases daily, to oxidize waste, reduce demand on Bromine and restore spa water’s sparkle and clarity.

Does the Genesis have flashing dots on the controller? Check the TDS (Total Dissolved Solids). Flashing dots indicate that TDS is becoming too high. A partial drain & fill will typically correct this problem.

Does the Genesis have solid dots on the controller? This indicates TDS is at a level above that in which Genesis can function. The power to the electrodes has been disabled and the system is not producing Bromine. The TDS must be lowered. A complete drain and refill will typically solve the problem.

Notes About TDS: TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) is a combination of metals, minerals and other organic material. Genesis requires that the TDS from the fill water be in the low range of 200-500 ppm. Municipal water sources in most cases are typically in the acceptable range. Well water is typically high in TDS. Before filling from a high-TDS source, a carbon block pre-filter is highly recommended. A metal remover can sometimes reduce TDS sufficiently.
*****NOTE: Do not fill spa with water from a salt water softener.

Do you have foam in your water and no Bromine reading? You have Phosphate contamination. Phosphates promote algae growth and inhibit Bromine production. Phosphates can be introduced to your spa in many ways (via domestic water sources, fertilizers, hygiene products such as soaps shampoos and lotions). Some spa chemicals (including some spa filter cleaners and some metal sequestering agents) contain Phosphates and should not be used. Phosphate test strips are available that can determine if level exceeds the maximum acceptable level of 100 ppb.

Treatment with a Phosphate remover for 4-5 days with a follow-up filter cleaning is recommended to remedy this problem.

Do you have a broken/cracked Electrode cell? If the Genesis is not producing desired Bromine level and a black coloring is visible in the filter or at the water line, you could have a cracked or broken Electrode cell. Contact the spa dealer from which you purchased your spa for warranty information.