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Clearwater has been in business for over 40 years starting back in 1976.

Protecting our environment.

Clearwater Spas prides itself in using environmentally friendly materials to help reduce the environmental impact on our planet.

Energy efficient. Engineered smart. Economically sound.

All Clearwater Spas are design with E-Smart™ technology. This symbol signifies the highest energy efficiencies, the smartest engineering detail standards, global environmentally green components and e-cycling sound programs.

All of Clearwater Spas are certified to California’s Energy Commission (CEC) – the most stringent energy standards in the United States. We not only meet these standards – we exceed them.

Building smarter means using green and recycled materials whenever possible.

Clearwater Spas takes pride in using ABS to fabricate our Dura Floors on all of our spas. We also recycle our wood, plastic and cardboard waste. See for yourself what this commitment to excellence looks like. Contact your Clearwater Spas dealer and get started on finding your own personal relaxation destination.

Improving air quality one spa at a time.

Clearwater Spas was the first company to produce an ecologically sound product, and all of our spas are produced without fiberglass resin and other destructive agents. Our EcoSpray™ was developed specifically to provide a solution to the styrene problem in the spa and bath industry and does not emit any volatile organic compounds (V.O.C.’s) into the air.

Clearwater Spas factory.

They are located in the beautiful and green Pacific Northwest in Woodinville, Washington just outside of Seattle. Woodinville’s wine country is most known for its wineries, some of which are world renown. From wine tasting, hot air balloon rides, biking or walking along the Sammamish River trail, Woodinville provides the perfect backdrop for the relaxing hot tub lifestyle and Clearwater Spas.




CLEAR is a state-of-the-art water management system that is a Clearwater exclusive. It combines four of the best technologies available to provide you the best fresh water experience. Natural water that just feels better.

STAGE 1 Copper/Silver Ionization System icon

STAGE 1 Copper/Silver Ionization System: Purifies water using safe and natural minerals which inhibit the growth of algae and bacteria and greatly reduce the need for chemical sanitizers.

STAGE 2 Magnetic Field icon

STAGE 2 Magnetic Field: Water is passed through a powerful magnetic field which polarizes the molecules and gives the water a positive charge. This gives the water a silky-smooth feel, and clumps together particles that would normally pass through the filter into larger ones that can be removed.

STAGE 3 UVC Sanitizer

STAGE 3 UVC Sanitizer: Spa water passes over a focused wavelength ultraviolet (UV) lamp sterilizing the water from microorganisms including algae, bacteria, viruses, and mold.

STAGE 4 Ozone Generator icon

STAGE 4 Ozone Generator: Ozone is an EPA-approved antimicrobial oxidizer, sanitizer, and disinfectant helping to rid water of contaminants, thereby improving water clarity and reducing the need for chemicals.


CLEAR allows you to soak in odorless, clear natural water.

To make CLEAR work at its optimum level, we have also included a 35 gallon per minute circulation pump. To put in perspective, a Clearwater Spa working with our cleaning system and circulation pump, will put every drop of water through the filtration system 5 times an hour.

Most manufacturers use the jet pumps to do two jobs; filter the water on low speed and move water to the jets on high speed. We at Clearwater Spas believe it’s more important to dedicate a pump to 24/7 water filtration. Every Clearwater Spa includes a 24/7 circulation pump.

Beacon – a new concept in modern design

The BEACON represents a new concept in modern design. As with every Clearwater Spa, the BEACON is engineered with the finest foundation, premium hand crafted quality, and the best hydromassage on the market. The new sleek look will enhance your outdoor living space like a modern work of art. You will find no other spa on the market like the BEACON.

Seats: 6 people
Dimensions: 84″ x 84″ x 34″ (213 x 213 x 86 cm)


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