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Business for a better cause


New this year in 2016 we at Outdoor Living have been compelled to give back to the community to those in need right here at home.  We are sending a portion our gross sales each month to a local non-profit organization, Maranatha Ministries.  So, please know that with your purchase, something GREAT happened, you will help provide food, shelter, and life improvement education to people who are in serious need of help. 

We believe that EVERY business has the power to change lives by giving back through its everyday business activities.  Doing this together with you is a simple but powerful example of putting this belief into action.  We would like to thank you for your patronage, for each time you purchase products from Outdoor Living you are helping someone in need.

So again, thank you, not just for purchasing your products from Outdoor Living, but for also making a huge difference in the life of someone in need. 


Mike, Kim, and Weston Waytow

Please see below for more information on this great cause, and help you may be able to help even more.